Kearney School District Foundation

The Kearney School District Foundation desires for the students in our area to receive the best educational experience possible. Our goal is to help enhance their educational experience by raising monies for needs outside the district budget.

We make the most of our gift dollars by combining them with other gift dollars to meet the demands of our community

The Foundation is working to make a positive change for our students and teachers

The Foundation currently offers Triple E grants for teachers to enhance the knowledge and learning experience in the classroom. In the last two years we have awarded over 20 Triple E grants.

The Foundation will begin offering scholarships this year to district students in need.

In addition when the need arises we offer assistance to special groups. ie. The Robotics group needed additional funding to make it to the nationals and we happily provided.


Vision Statement

The Kearney School District Education Foundation supports our schools' desire to provide the best education possible for all students through our community's shared commitment to academic excellence.

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